Immigration Updates

A Public Service Announcement Regarding Unpublished BIA Decisions

As many immigration attorneys already know, the Executive Office for Immigration Review is in the midst of a computer outage that has lasted more than a month. While the Board of Immigration Appeals has continued to issue decisions during the outage (see here), it has not made any decisions available for public review.

Once the computer problems are fixed, IRAC expects decisions issued during the outage to be made available to the public. IRAC will then continue to post helpful unpublished decisions online and will release an updated version of its Index of Unpublished BIA Decisions. In the meantime, practitioners who wish to submit unpublished decisions for posting can email Ben Winograd.

Unpublished BIA Decisions
Ramon Garcia-Fonseca, A075 535 094 (BIA June 5, 2014)

In this unpublished decision, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) was not inadmissible